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Seeing Your Dentist About An Oral Health Emergency

If you have no concerns about the health or appearance of your teeth, you can have no trouble waiting the usual six months between dental exams. However, if something happens in between your last visit and the next, you can require treatment as soon as possible! Patients at our Columbia, TN dentists' office who experience dental injuries, or those who start to struggle with alarming tooth pain, can see us for emergency dental treatment. When responding to urgent issues, we can make sure that your oral health is fully restored, and we can also take care to restore your appearance.

Some Oral Health Problems Call For Urgent Care

Physical injuries and significant dental pain can make delaying treatment difficult for you. Our practice knows that problems sometimes call for support on short notice, which is why we want our patients to know that we do schedule emergency dental visits. During your emergency appointment, we will closely evaluate you to identify the source of your troubles. When this is done, we can perform treatment so that you no longer have to worry about discomfort or visible damage to your tooth structure.

Undergoing Restorative Treatment For An Injury Or Severe Tooth Pain

What will it take to fully restore a tooth that has been damaged, or one that is in pain? Root canal therapy can be required - this procedure takes care of problems within the tooth structure. By removing bacteria and damaged tissues from your pulp, we can stop the spread of an infection and save your tooth from being lost. Once this work is done, we can place a dental crown over the tooth to keep it safe. Physical injuries do not always require restorative work. After an evaluation, we may approve you for a more conservative cosmetic dental treatment.

Can Your Smile Be Preserved During An Emergency Procedure?

Dental emergencies can be painful, but they can also make you afraid that your smile is going to be permanently changed. At your appointment, we can make sure your appearance is not changed by protecting your tooth with a lifelike dental crown, or by moving forward with cosmetic treatment for superficial damage.

Learn How Your Columbia, TN Dentist Can Take Care Of You During An Emergency

Creekside Family Dentistry is prepared to see patients when they need treatment on short notice. After an injury, or after you start to experience worrying dental pain, you can contact us to set an appointment and have your troubles evaluated and addressed! To find out more about our emergency services, or to learn about our general approach to care, please call our Columbia, TN Dentists' office at 931-388-3384!

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