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Root Canal Therapy Stops Your Painful Infection

When a cavity forms in a tooth, a filling is needed to save it from painful symptoms. But what if the decay is more advanced or if an infection has already developed? In these situations, our team could recommend a root canal procedure to treat the issue and save your tooth. In today’s blog, your Columbia, TN, dentist talks about root canal therapy.


The Factors Behind Your Infected Tooth

A dental infection is a serious concern and one that needs treatment to avoid losing a tooth or requiring extraction to prevent the spread of infection. A tooth can be infected due to a severe cavity, which can allow bacteria to reach the inner pulp, the sensitive tissues in the center of your tooth. The pulp could also be compromised due to a dental fracture or major breakage. When an infection occurs, you could experience tooth sensitivity, toothaches, pain when you bite down or chew, swelling near a tooth, a discharge from on, or pain in the face, jaw, or head. Don’t ignore these symptoms, please see us right away for a diagnosis, so we can save your tooth with a root canal.

Preparing Your Smile for Treatment

Our team will start by taking detailed digital images of your teeth from multiple angles, so we can pinpoint the position and severity of the infection and plan your treatment in detail. We also want to help you feel comfortable during your treatment, which is why our team can administer a local anesthetic to the area being treated. We also have sedation to help you enter a deep state of calm and relaxation, even if you have dental anxiety or special needs. We then move forward with your root canal treatment!

Endodontic Treatment

Once you’re properly relaxed and we have planned the procedure in detail, our team will open the tooth so we can access and remove the infected tissues from within. Once we do, we will clean the interior of the tooth and the root canals. A special filing known as gutta percha is then added to the interior of the tooth. Finally, we will cap the tooth with a crown, one custom-made to not only look natural and blend with the tooth, but protect it from further decay or infection. We want you to smile with confidence!

If you have any questions about how we save an infected tooth with a root canal procedure, or if you want to talk to our office, then contact our team today to learn more.

Learn More About General Dentistry With Creekside Family Dentistry!

General dentistry can allow us to address decay or even infected tissues with an endodontic procedure. Give us a call today at Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN at (931) 388-3384 to schedule your appointment!


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