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Does Tooth Pain Mean a Root Canal?

Dental pain of any kind should never be ignored. However, sometimes the pain is from a reversible source, and other times it could indicate a more serious health issue. In either case, a visit to your trusted dentist is important. In today’s blog, your Columbia, TN, dentist talks about a few different causes of tooth pain and when root canal therapy is necessary.

Types of Dental Pain

Pain is just a pain! But in dentistry, it is sometimes important to know the type of pain you are experiencing. For example, is it sharp, lingering, hot sensitive, cold sensitive, or a dull throbbing ache? These symptoms can give us clues to what could be going on. However, don’t worry if you can’t exactly pinpoint the type of pain. We have excellent diagnostic aids to help us investigate further!

Sometimes pain can be from a temporary source. Perhaps you bit into something too hard and traumatized a tooth ligament. This pain will eventually go away after the area is given time to heal. Sometimes root exposure can cause pain because a nerve that should be protected by gum tissue is now exposed. If this is your situation, a sensitivity toothpaste may be all you need. In any case, we are always here for emergency visits and will guide you towards the appropriate treatment to get you feeling better!

When To Be Concerned

If you have pain of any kind, please give us a call and we will get you in for an evaluation. However, if you know that a tooth is already infected or decayed and it has begun to hurt this could mean that the decay has reached the live and most vulnerable part of your tooth, the pulp. If the infection goes this far a simple filling or crown is not sufficient to restore health. The dentist or endodontist must perform a root canal.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy involves cleaning out the bacteria that has reached the live, innermost part of your tooth. If not treated, infection will continue to enter the bloodstream and can cause other health issues. The harmful bacteria have even been linked to heart disease.

The root canal process is straightforward. After ensuring your comfort, the dentist will clean out the infected roots and then place filling material into the canals to seal and protect them from future infection. Finally, a natural-looking crown will be placed over the entire tooth to protect it from breaking or cracking. This is necessary since teeth that are no longer alive can become brittle over time. Placing a crown over it keeps it strong and allows it to resist chewing forces.

Schedule a Dental Exam Today

If you are experiencing dental pain of any kind, please reach out to our team of experts. We are here to serve you so give us a call at Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN at (931)388-3384!

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