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Reclaim Your Smile With A Root Canal

Have you begun to notice pain or discomfort within your smile? If you are starting to experience a toothache, it may be a result of an internal infection. This situation can arise when you have damaged your enamel through injury or tooth decay, so be sure to talk with your dentist about your options in repair quickly to avoid further harm. Without treatment, your infection could spread into the bone of your jaw or even into your bloodstream!

When you need relief from your incessant toothache, give us a call at our dental office in Columbia, TN. We can help you to stop your bacterial infection through a root canal treatment procedure. This process includes the removal of the soft tissue within your tooth known as pulp, working to free you of the pain associated with your condition. After this portion of the procedure, you will require a durable dental crown to ensure that the location stays secure and that you can bite and chew with confidence in this area of your mouth. Speak with your dentist today and see if a root canal treatment is right for your smile!

Bacterial Infection Can Cause Pain And Endanger Your Tooth

If you have recently broken or cracked a tooth, take some time to visit your dentist for an examination. You may be able to avoid the infection of the area if you tend to this concern quickly. Talk to your provider about your options in repair, including a sturdy new dental crown.

When you start to experience discomfort or pain within the tooth, it may be a sign that your bacterial growth requires a more extensive form of restoration known as a root canal treatment procedure. This method can free you of your problem infection and relieve the pain associated with your condition.

How A Root Canal Helps You To Reach A Lasting Restoration

A root canal takes a few different steps, starting with a procedure known as a pulpectomy. This is the removal of the bundle of soft tissue within your tooth that is collectively known as the pulp. With the excision of the nerve inside, your dentist will end your nagging toothache.

You will need the placement of a sturdy new dental crown to keep the location secure going into the future. Ask about all of your options in material, as you might be surprised to learn about the lifelike possibilities available to you!

Talk To Your Dentist In Columbia, TN About Relieving Your Tooth Pain With A Root Canal

If you have started to experience pain or discomfort within your smile, talk to your dentist and see if a root canal treatment is right for you. Give us a call at Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN at (931)388-3384 to schedule your appointment!

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