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Dental Implants and Your Recovery from Tooth Loss

Smile restoration means a lot of things to different people. If you have a cavity, then it means treating it and restoring your tooth’s good health and integrity. The same is true if a tooth is fractured or broken, or if it’s become significantly worn down. However, when a tooth is lost or extracted, then restoring your smile means replacing the lost tooth with a custom-designed, highly lifelike restoration. For optimal results, this should include replacing the root that supported your lost or extracted tooth to offer your replacement teeth the same level of stability.

The specific function of dental implants

Traditional forms of replacement teeth, such as dental bridges and partial/full dentures, have come a long way in replicating the visible portions of your healthy, natural teeth. With the help of highly lifelike materials such as dental porcelain, they can mimic these structures so well that they’re virtually undetectable from healthy, natural tooth structure. Dental implants are also designed for optimal realism, but as small, root-like posts, they’re the only option for reestablishing the support that your healthy, natural teeth rely on. Dental implant posts are placed within the jawbone where teeth roots used to be, and can be utilized to anchor a custom-designed restoration in place.

How this benefits your dental restoration

The addition of dental implants gives your dental restoration a significant advantage over more traditional forms. With the help of root-like supports, a dental bridge or denture not only restores your smile’s appearance, but also the functions that your teeth roots were responsible for. That includes supporting your replacement teeth as you bite and chew with them, as well as helping to keep your jawbone structure strong and healthy. With a sturdier foundation, your restoration can perform more like your healthy, natural teeth, as well as look like them.

The difference to your long-term oral health

When your restoration is supported on one or more dental implant posts, the benefits to its function and the enhanced comfort they provide are apparent. However, there are many other benefits that come with replacing your lost teeth roots that aren’t always as obvious. For example, because your dental bridge or denture is anchored in place instead of relying on traditional supportive measures, it won’t lose its grip and shift uncomfortably in future. Your jawbone structure will also benefit from the reestablishment of stimulation in the area where you lost one or more teeth roots.

Recover from tooth loss with dental implants

When tooth loss occurs, you can recover from it more successfully with the help of biocompatible dental implant posts. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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