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Denture Concerns And How To Handle Them! 

When you wear full or partial dentures, you get to enjoy waving goodbye to tooth loss and the incomplete smile that it leaves you with, as you welcome in a complete grin that will actually make you smile! However, in some instances, you may find that you are faced with denture concerns at one point or another, which can cause you to scratch your head, wondering how on earth you should respond. Is this a big deal? Nothing to concern yourself over? Allow our Columbia, TN team to walk you through common things that may come up, so you know what to do.

When You Need A Bit More Stability

When you wear full or partial dentures, it’s possible that everything is fitting just right and that you’re mostly happy. Except you may experience a slight bit of movement, due to the way traditional dentures are supported: All with the suction that your mouth and its tissues and saliva create! The good news is that in addition to checking in with us, just to be sure that the fit is fine, you may rely on adhesive to offer you that extra stability you need.

When You Want Complete Stability

If you want a smile that’s more stable but you’re pretty happy with your full or partial dentures aside from that detail, we remind you to talk with us about changing from traditional dentures to those that are supported by dental implants. You still replace multiple teeth at once with your prosthetic but any worry about slippage or movement disappears.

When It Doesn’t Seem To Fit Anymore

As with a sudden shift in the way any type of dental work feels in your smile, whether it’s a dental crown, filling, bridge, full or partial denture, etc., we remind you that this is a change that requires your attention! You may notice that your prosthetic feels very loose. Or, you may notice that it is causing problems with hurting, with pressure in certain areas, with rubbing, and the list goes on. At first, you may just think that your denture is irritating but it’s important to recognize that this generally points to damage or the need for a problem with fit (usually because your smile is changing shape over time). In either case, you need a repair or a replacement ASAP!

Come In Soon!

Talk your denture concerns over with us during a dental checkup! It’s the certain pathway to answers, solutions, and smile protection!

Address Denture Concerns With Our Team!

Never let changes in fit with your denture become something you just try to deal with. Call us the moment you recognize your denture is rubbing or just feels different, so we may offer you a solution! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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