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Could an App Help Your Kids’ Dental Health?

Do your kids seem completely uninterested in their own dental health? In fact, do you find yourself having to force them to brush their teeth every single night? If they are in the habit of drinking lots of sodas or even sports drinks their smiles could be in even more trouble. Fortunately, there are several tools designed to help get kids more excited about their own oral health, and that can make your job as a parent seem a lot easier. If you really want to 

help your kids develop great dental habits, take advantage of the many tools that can help.

Drinks Destroy Teeth Is An App Aimed at Education

After noticing a rise in cavities in children, a longtime Indiana dentist decided to do something to help combat dental decay before it starts. Diane Buyer chose to create an app that helps to teach kids about how sugar threatens their smiles, and what they can do to protect their teeth. It’s called Drinks Destroy Teeth, and it features a variety of games and activities that can help kids learn, in a fun way, about why oral care is so important.

Though targeted to kids, there are also a variety of resources like lesson plans available for parents and educators, as well.

There Are Other Ways to Get Kids Excited About Dental Care

Of course, you could also help to make dental care more fun for your kids, through some simple steps taken at home. For instance, young children could feel empowered by picking their own toothbrushes and toothpastes. (Just look for items that bear the American Dental Association’s seal of approval, so you know they’ll be safe and effective.)

Setting a timer, or playing a song that is two-minutes long, can help indicate how long kids should brush for, and takes the pressure off of you to say “start,” and “stop.” Brushing your teeth and flossing alongside your kids can also help them to learn proper technique. Plus, it’s always a good idea to set a healthy example. This indicates that oral care should be lifelong!

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