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Dental Sealants: Why Choose Them For The New School Year?

There are heaps of things you’re going to be wading through as you gear up for the new school year! Of course, the goal is to do everything you can to help your kids feel prepared (and for you to feel prepared, too). While we cannot offer much help in regard to the mountain of supplies you may find yourself hunting for quite soon, our Columbia, TN practice can make sure your children go back to class for the 2018 semester and beyond with extra preventive protection for their smiles with dental sealants!

Your Child May Be Eating Other Stuff At School

Our team reminds you that while you may monitor most of what your kids are eating at home, there’s no telling whether their friends are sharing candy with them at school! While you may send very nutritious lunches, what else are your kids enjoying? When this type of thing keeps you up at night, we remind you that the placement of dental sealants can offer fantastic protection, ensuring sugars and bacteria aren’t nestling themselves into those chewing surface grooves throughout the day!

Your Kiddo Isn’t Brushing After Lunch

Unless you’ve got one dental-hygiene-obsessed kiddo, your child probably isn’t heading to the bathroom after lunch to brush. There’s no guarantee your child is swishing with water after eating either. Since you cannot send sugarless gum to school as a solution, consider the fact that dental sealants certainly offer some help!

There’s Enough To Worry About!

When the school year is in full effect, there’s an awful lot going on! You might have the luxury of focusing more closely on things like oral health and dental hygiene at home, while summer vacation is going on. However, when there are supplies to buy, laundry to do, homework and projects to get through, extracurriculars, and more, you might not be quite so detailed with brushing and flossing. Dental sealants give your child that extra barrier that makes it much easier to avoid cavities on difficult-to-manage chewing surfaces. So, if there’s any bit of food or plaque missed, your child will have more time to master those brushing skills without significant and easy-to-avoid consequences!

Plan For Back-To-School Dental Sealants!

Remember that sealants offer your children advanced protection against problems like decay. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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