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Here Comes 2020: Do Your Kids Have Sealants?

You can see it coming in little ways. It’s 2020! The new year is definitely on the horizon and seems to be heading our way more quickly every single day. With every glance at your calendar, with every invite or discussion of holiday plans, and with the sudden and ever-shocking arrival of winter decor and treats in every store, it’s clear. The end of 2019 is soon to arrive, which means our Columbia, TN dental team has a question for you: Do your children have dental sealants yet? If the answer is no, then it might be time to snap into action before you find yourself singing Auld Lang Syne.

Don’t Forget The Benefits Of Sealants

Before we talk about the bit of urgency we’re suggesting in terms of getting dental sealants placed on your children’s teeth before the year is through, we would like to first remind you about just how beneficial they are. Otherwise, we might not feel so strongly about them! Keep in mind that they are just what they sound like: They seal the part of your child’s back molars that are difficult to care for (because they’re hard to reach and are full of little areas where bacteria may hide). Placement offers exceptional protection, so the chance of cavity development in these teeth is greatly diminished! Plus, it lets your child learn how to brush without such high stakes!

Why Pre-Holiday Is A Good Time

Of course, you already know that it’s important to be careful with your sugar consumption, when you’re doing what you can to limit tooth decay. You also know that with the holidays there come mountains of sugary treats! So, if there was ever a wise deadline to reach for the placement of dental sealants, you can feel sure that just-before-the-fall-and-winter-holidays is it. See us very soon and you can enjoy parties, celebrations, and more with a greater sense of relief that you have a measure of protection in place for your kids’ oral health.

Check Your Benefits!

We also remind patients, don’t forget to check your insurance! It’s possible that the benefits you have for 2019 offers full or partial coverage for dental sealants for your child, which is something you don’t want to miss out on using!

Choose Sealants Before The New Year

Give yourself a goal of scheduling your child’s dental sealants before we say goodbye to the current year! Follow through with your visit, so you know you’re providing your child with excellent smile protection! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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