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The Risks Of Oral Infection

Bacterial growth within the mouth can cause some of the most dangerous damage to our smiles. Infection can cause problems in all areas of our dental health and our best way of avoiding this concern is through preventive care. Our home oral hygiene regimen is vital in warding off these harmful organisms before they cause lasting damage. Be sure that you are thoroughly brushing your teeth twice each day and using a suitable oral rinse.

Do not skip flossing either! The buildup of food particles between the teeth can lead to concerns with your periodontal tissue, which refers to the gums. When this material pulls back from its normal location on the tooth, it exposes the vulnerable connections underneath. Your Columbia, TN dentist stresses the need for avoiding bacterial infection before it sets in.

Allow Your Gums To Help You

Our periodontal tissue is often overlooked in favor of our teeth. After all, the gums simply support the teeth, right? This material actually creates one of the strongest barriers in the body!

Keeping this tissue safe can help to keep your smile operating smoothly now and in the future. Schedule an appointment with our team to ensure that your smile stays safe. Keeping your eye on your oral health at all times can help you to remain on top of things!

When Infection Becomes Severe

In some instances, infection can become a pressing issue. For example, the interior portion of the tooth may become compromised by these organisms. This can occur due to the damage of enamel from tooth decay. Periodontal disease is another leading cause of these forms of bacterial infections.

The most prevalent procedure to remedy this problem is a root canal. This method removes the soft inside portion of the tooth and seals the connections to the jaw. After, your oral health professional places a dental crown to ensure the lasting stability of the tooth.

Fighting Oral Infection In Columbia, TN

Schedule an appointment with Creekside Family Dentistry to help keep your smile safe from harmful bacteria. We proudly work to improve the oral health of Columbia, TN and the surrounding communities!

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