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3 Things You Should Know About Root Canals

When many people hear about root canals, it’s often in the context of needing root canal treatment due to a severe, internal tooth infection. However, your teeth’s root canals are more than just a liability to your oral health in cases of severe tooth decay. In fact, when healthy, they play several highly important roles in the health and integrity of your teeth, as well as the rest of your oral health and bite function.

1. Your teeth rely on them for several reasons

As their name implies, the roots of your teeth keep them rooted in place and in position along your upper and lower dental ridges. This is directly related to the stability and integrity of your teeth as you bite and chew, and their ability to withstand your bite’s incredible pressure. Also, the canal inside of a tooth’s root is where the tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues travel from your jawbone structure to the pulp chamber within the center of your tooth. This makes it the pathway through which your jawbone supplies your tooth with the essential minerals and nutrients that it requires.

2. Your root canals can become infected

Healthy teeth roots are important to your oral health, but the fact that they carry your tooth’s sensitive tissues also makes them problematic when your tooth becomes severely decayed. If the infection in your tooth reaches the inner pulp chamber, the nerves and tissues can become infected along with your tooth’s main structure. The heightened levels of discomfort that result from severe tooth infection are the result of the nerves becoming infected, and the root canal can provide a path for the infection to travel beyond the main tooth structure.

3. Your tooth might be saved with root canal treatment

When a tooth’s pulp chamber, inner tissues, and root canal become infected with decay, the tooth’s health and integrity can be in serious jeopardy. Fortunately, internal tooth infection can often be successfully resolved with conservative root canal treatment, which involves carefully removing the infected tissues and tooth structure to preserve what remains of the tooth. For optimal results, the tooth might also benefit from being capped with a custom-made dental crown, which will protect it from further harm to its structure.

Learn if your tooth’s root canal needs treatment

The roots of your teeth and the canals inside of them play several significant roles in your oral health, bite function, and more. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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