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Why Some Cavity Treatments Include Root Canal Therapy

Restorative dentistry needs to take place in order to stop a cavity. With that said, the type of care that is required for addressing decay can change based on what condition your tooth is in. If you are consistent with regular dental exams, you can count on the early detection and treatment of a cavity before the problem becomes serious enough to demand more than a dental filling. When a cavity grows serious enough to result in a tooth infection, root canal therapy will be necessary. By performing your root canal, our Columbia, TN dentist's office can make sure the problem with your tooth is fully resolved. After that treatment, you can have long-term protection in the form of a dental crown.

A Cavity Can Become A Serious Threat To Your Oral Health

Once a cavity forms, restorative dental work needs to be scheduled. Decay will not stop on its own at this point, and your tooth structure cannot heal itself. To resolve the matter, your dentist will carefully remove the infected area and provide the appropriate restoration. Smaller cavities can lead to treatment with dental fillings, but more severe issues with decay do call for the placement of a crown. If you wait too long to do something about dental decay, you can lose your tooth!

Scheduling A Root Canal For Your Infected Tooth

When a cavity continues to damage your tooth structure, bacteria will eventually make their way into the pulp, which leads to a painful infection. A root canal procedure removes bacteria and infected tissues to stop the infection and protect you against losing your tooth. After this work is done, the pulp is sealed and the tooth will be capped with a custom crown.

Restoring Your Tooth After A Cavity Treatment

Root canal therapy makes the placement of a dental crown necessary. Crowns cap teeth, giving them total coverage above your gum line. When in place, it will protect your tooth and give you support for biting and chewing. With consistent oral hygiene habits, you can protect the restoration and keep it in good condition for the long term.

You Can Undergo Root Canal Therapy At Our Columbia, TN Dentist's Office

By performing root canal therapy on your tooth, your Columbia, TN dentist's office can restore your tooth and make sure that it is protected with a dependable filling or crown. Without the appropriate treatment for a cavity, bacteria can cause pain and sensitivity, swelling, and other concerns. Make sure you act quickly if you think you have a serious cavity - if too much time passes, an active infection can cost you your tooth! To find out more, call our Columbia, TN dentist's office at 931-388-3384.

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