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We Can Address Your Dental Discomfort

Problems with dental discomfort are not to be taken lightly. In cases where pain is significant or discomfort persists over time, serious oral health issues can be present. What should you do if you find yourself concerned about this kind of trouble? Our Columbia, TN dentist's office is prepared to help you address this matter. With the right procedure, we can target the source of your discomfort. After this work is complete, we can proceed to place a permanent restoration that preserves your oral health as well as your bite function. Remember that consistent dental exams and cleanings make these kinds of problems less likely to affect you, which is one reason (of many) you should prioritize preventive services!

Are You Starting To Worry About Tooth Pain?

A brief period of dental discomfort can occur after a physical injury, or when you have problems with a sinus infection. However, in a scenario where your discomfort is significant or will not subside after a few days, you should be alarmed. Unfortunately, problems that affect us in this way can lead to complications as time passes; the longer you wait to say something to your dentist, the more likely it is that you will experience issues that make your oral health even worse. In addition to making more involved restorative dental work necessary, this raises your risk for losing a vulnerable tooth!

How Root Canal Therapy Resolves Problems With Poor Dental Health

Problems with pain and sensitivity can demand treatment in the form of root canal therapy. People sometimes hesitate to arrange this procedure, as they may expect it to be uncomfortable. What you should know is that it can effectively take on the reason for why you have a persistent pain or sensitivity problem, and it can stop an oral health issue from growing worse over time. Without this procedure, trouble with the tooth can continue, eventually reaching a point where the only solution is to have it extracted.

Restoring A Tooth After It Has Been Treated

What will happen after you complete your root canal procedure? To make sure that your tooth stays safe, and that your bite function is not compromised, we can provide a custom dental crown. Crowns are carefully made to surround teeth and absorb bite pressures for them. With the right restoration in place, your tooth can stay safe from harm for many years, and you can avoid the need to make changes to your dental function.

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Dental Discomfort

When you let a problem with dental discomfort remain untreated, you can experience complications that threaten your oral health, and you can raise your risk for problems that are so serious they require the extraction of your tooth! Our dental practice is prepared to do more than just help patients prevent issues with their well-being. When necessary, we can take on different issues through restorative services that alleviate discomfort and ensure that your smile remains secure and protected. For more information, call Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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