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Straightening Your Uneven Teeth

The way our teeth are aligned can impact more than just the way we look. Problems with spacing can interfere with your ability to effectively clean your teeth, and it can make trouble for your bite function. At our Columbia, TN dentist's office, we offer orthodontic services that help you resolve these issues and improve both your appearance and dental health. We can discuss traditional treatment with braces, or we can discuss whether you qualify to undergo corrective work through the Six Month Smiles treatment.

Poor Teeth Spacing Can Have Several Negative Effects

People who look into treatment for poor smile alignment are often interested in how they can change their smile. Problems with gaps and overlaps, along with more general issues with poor facial symmetry, make people unhappy with malocclusion. With that said, there are additional issues that make misaligned teeth a problem. You may have issues with your bite function, which can lead to more difficulty with TMJ disorder. You can also have more trouble effectively cleaning your teeth when they overlap and are harder to fully care for with your toothbrush.

Discussing Treatment With Braces Or Six Month Smiles

We offer different treatment options for those who are interested in orthodontic work. We can discuss the benefits of braces, which help those with different degrees of malocclusion make changes to their appearance and oral health. Moving forward with this approach can give you lasting benefits as we fix problems with gaps, overlaps, and other spacing issues. We also provide Six Month Smiles as an option for treatment. Those who qualify can use fixed braces or clear aligners to move through a faster process that can produce exciting smile changes!

Can I Hide Gaps Or Overlaps Through Cosmetic Dental Work?

Milder issues with smile gaps and overlaps can be covered through cosmetic dental work. For example, we can correct problems with spacing and size that lead to awkward gaps by placing porcelain veneers on teeth. Veneers are designed to provide long-term support, as they are strong enough to maintain their shape and condition for many years!

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Straightening Your Uneven Teeth

If your teeth are not properly spaced, you can have more than just problems with your smile to worry about. At our Columbia, TN dentist's office, we can provide treatment options that help you take on these issues and improve both your oral health and quality of life. We can provide many different services, and can help those who are concerned about their appearance as well as their oral health. If you would like to find out more, contact Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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