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3 Things You Ought To Know About Orthodontic Work

What kind of questions do you have about orthodontic work? You may be familiar with what orthodontic treatment does for someone's smile, and how conventional braces move teeth into better positions. However, you may be less aware of what role orthodontic treatment can play in improving someone's oral health, or what you can do to shorten your overall treatment time. Our Columbia, TN dental office offers orthodontic treatment to patients who are concerned about the cosmetic and dental health effects of malocclusion, or poor smile alignment. In addition to providing traditional orthodontic treatment, we can also discuss the benefits of Six Month Smiles, a treatment that produces results in less time!

1. Your Orthodontic Work Can Lead To Better Oral Hygiene

In addition to giving you a more confident smile, orthodontic work can actually help you maintain good oral health. If you have a history of dental problems that call for restorative work, if gingivitis is a frequent concern, or if you have difficulty keeping tartar from accumulating in certain areas, orthodontic treatment may be beneficial to you. Problems with malocclusion can interfere with your health by making oral hygiene efforts more difficult. By straightening teeth that awkwardly overlap, you can improve your ability to maintain a healthy smile.

2. Treatment Can Take Less Time Than You Might Expect

For those who qualify for the SIx Month Smiles treatment, orthodontic work can conclude in a relatively short time! We can use discreet metal braces or clear aligners with this program, which adjusts teeth to resolve problems with gaps or overlaps that have hurt the way you look. In some cases, people with concerns about gaps or overlaps can discuss the benefits of cosmetic dental work to hide these flaws and smile with more confidence.

3. Orthodontic Treatments Help People Lower Their Risks For TMJ Problems

If poor smile alignment is not addressed, you may experience worsening issues with your bite function. Maintaining an even bite is important because it leads to a better distribution of pressure among your teeth when you bite down, and because it prevents issues with joint alignment from developing. For those who require TMJ treatment because of pain, difficult movement, or teeth grinding issues, orthodontic work can be recommended. We can also use oral appliances designed to correct patients' bite and alignment issues when they experience issues with their jaw movement and bite function.

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Orthodontic Work

Our Columbia, TN dental office is ready to help patients who wish to do something about frustrating problems with malocclusion. In addition to giving you a more confident smile, orthodontic work can help you take on concerns that you have about your oral health! Find out more about orthodontic treatment and other services that we offer by calling Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN at (931) 388–3384.

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