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Sleep Troubles Addressed By Your Dentist

If you have issues related to your sleep that cause problems for your health and quality of your life, you can feel that you need treatment. What you may not realize is that you can talk to your Columbia, TN dentist for help! Our practice can address issues like sleep apnea, bruxism, and TMJ disorder. These issues can be addressed with the aid of custom oral appliances that correct different concerns that affect you while at rest. You can make an appointment to discuss any of these concerns, and you can also bring up the issues that make you uneasy during a routine oral health exam.

Why You Should Say Something About Sleep-Related Concerns To Your Dentist

You may feel little hesitation when it comes to telling your dentist about something like tooth pain, or bringing up concerns about the appearance of your smile. However, you may not think to say something about problems that affect your nightly rest. Our practice can take on several nighttime issues that might interfere with your well-being. Problems like sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, and bruxism can have different effects on health and your smile. The sooner they are addressed, the sooner you can put them behind you! We can help by providing the appropriate custom oral appliance to resolve these different matters.

Using A Custom Guard To Help With Teeth Grinding And TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder and teeth grinding issues, also known as bruxism, are capable of impacting your daily life in worrying ways. Difficulties with poor jaw alignment and movement can cause you discomfort that intrudes on your daily life, while the tendency to grind or clench your jaw during rest can cause noticeable harm to your enamel! Appliance therapy can help with both issues. Based on your needs, we can provide a guard that does the necessary work to protect your smile and stop further wear and tear. Patients who already have damaged teeth can talk with us about the benefits of cosmetic or restorative dentistry.

We Can Use A Custom Appliance To Address Sleep Apnea

Until you take action to address the matter, sleep apnea can take away your ability to complete your rest cycles. Losing this ability can impact your energy levels, mood, and health in ways that are hard to ignore. Fortunately, there is something our practice can do about the matter. With a custom-made appliance to keep your airways open at night, we can help you remain asleep and breathing steadily, which means you will not have to worry about sleep apnea causing further issues for your well-being.

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Addressing Trouble With Your Sleep!

Different problems with your sleep can interfere with your quality of life in many frustrating ways. At our practice, we can discuss both the cause of your concerns and our approach to treatment. For issues like bruxism, TMJ disorder, and sleep apnea, custom appliances can offer meaningful benefits. For more information on what we can do to help you, call Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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