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Sensitive Teeth: What To Do?

You might find that your teeth are feeling uncomfortable lately. Maybe it’s many of them, one of them, or all of them! There are some very good and easy steps you may follow to help. Then, there are some not so ideal steps (including panicking, choosing to forego your usual dental hygiene because you assume your teeth are “bad,” etc.). We, of course, encourage you to go ahead and follow our suggestions for sensitive teeth, so we can help you help yourself enjoy oral health that you know is safe and a smile that feels A-OK.

Give Them A Break

Are you pushing your teeth too far? Do you eat a lot of crunchy foods, very hot foods, super-cold foods, or other things that cause discomfort on contact? For now, we encourage you to ease up and leave your teeth to rest a bit. Eat softer foods and try to keep foods cool, warm, or at room temperature to let your sensitive teeth feel better.

Try New Toothpaste

If you always thought toothpaste for sensitive teeth was just a hoax, it’s not. It really does work! However, it’s not going to work the first day. You must use it long-term to see improvements. Switch, don’t use any other type of toothpaste, and keep using it to see if you enjoy some relief.

See Our Team

It’s pretty much impossible to simply pinpoint what’s causing your sensitive teeth if this is a chronic issue (it’s been bothering you for a while and it doesn’t go away). In this case, you will need our professional help! Schedule a visit. We can tell you if anything is the matter and requires treatment or if you just happen to have a sensitive smile (and how to best approach it)!

Treat Sensitivity With Our Help

Don’t let sensitive teeth get you down. See our team to discuss the symptom and to find out how to make it better. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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