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Special Precautions For Diabetic Smiles

Diabetes is a condition that is becoming increasingly more common in this country. There are two recognized forms of this disease, and both of these can contribute to serious complications throughout the body. Diabetics should take care of their blood glucose numbers in order to mitigate the effects, which can impact areas with intricate systems of blood vessels.

The mouth is one of these regions, and untreated diabetes can lead to serious concerns regarding your oral health. When your blood sugars are elevated, your body tries to expel glucose through your fluids. While this is primarily achieved through your urine, a secondary avenue comes through your saliva. Even when you brush, your tooth decay can continue until you control your blood sugar levels. At Creekside Family Dentistry In Columbia, TN, we understand that your oral health is tied to the rest of your wellness. Talk to us about all of your needs!

You Have The Power To Control Your Future

The treatment of your diabetes is pivotal in your ability to care for your body; this disease has far-reaching implications. Elevated blood glucose levels can damage the most delicate blood vessels in the body, affecting the transfer of oxygen into certain areas. When these capillaries burst in the back of the eye, for instance, pooling blood can block light and cause diabetic retinopathy.

The mouth consists of an intricate network of cardiovascular systems, and so untreated diabetes can impact your ability to keep your smile safe. Make the effort to keep your blood glucose levels in the range given to you by your physician or endocrinologist.

Working To Protect Your Smile From Diabetic Complications

The maintenance of your diabetes allows you to have a say in your future. While this condition inevitably has its ups and downs, tight control of your blood glucose allows you to limit possible harms. When your levels are in the appropriate range, you can keep yourself functioning properly.

If you allow your numbers to fluctuate, however, it could pose problems. Elevated blood sugars can cause your body to try and flush itself of the excess, through the urine and the saliva. This means that you could be constantly flooding your mouth with food for harmful bacteria. Even brushing your teeth will not fully solve the problem. Keep your blood sugars in check as consistently as you can!

Comprehensive Dentale Care In Columbia, TN

Give us a call at Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our team. Your consistent smile maintenance brings you multiple benefits!

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