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How Crowns Fit Into Dental Treatment

Dental treatment can take on problems with decay and physical damage that impact your smile and well-being. To ensure that your tooth is properly protected, a restoration is placed to address the permanent harm to its structure. At our Columbia, TN dental practice, we take care to address problems while prioritizing the preservation of both your appearance and oral health. With dental crowns, we can take care of severe cavities and problems with injuries. These restorations protect you even as you rely on them to absorb pressure whenever you bite and chew, so you will not have to worry about their impact on your daily life.

You Need The Support Of A Permanent Restoration For A Cavity Or Injury

Any time you have a problem with your oral health that is serious enough to require restorative dental work, your care will conclude with the placement of a permanent restoration. We can restore teeth with lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns. Both of these can provide long-term support that enables you to maintain a healthy bite, and to retain confidence in the way you look. To provide a custom dental crown, we will carefully measure your tooth before doing preparatory work to make space for your restoration. After this is done, we can secure the tooth by providing the crown that has been prepared for you.

Placing A Custom Dental Crown For Lasting Support

Your tooth will only be restored with a crown if we determine that a dental filling—the more conservative treatment option—will not be a good fit for you. The measurements that we take of your tooth are important for determining what shape and size your crown should be to look natural, stay secure, and avoid creating problems with neighboring teeth. After your restoration is prepared for you, we will permanently set it in position. The stability from this arrangement lets you continue with your normal bite function, so you will not have to worry about overusing other teeth or developing issues with jaw pain due to compromised movements.

Other Services That Restore Teeth

Dental fillings are a preferred approach to smile care, as they preserve more of your healthy tooth structure. When you keep up with regular dental exams, we can catch problems with decay while they are still small enough to make this approach possible. For superficial dental damage, we can discuss cosmetic dentistry as an alternative to treatment with a crown. Depending on the state of your tooth, we may be able to move forward with a more conservative procedure to address a chip or crack in your enamel.

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Treatment With A Crown

Through the appropriate restorative dental work, we can take care of your tooth as well as your smile. The procedures that include the placement of crowns help when patients need support because of a severe cavity or physical injury. Once the appropriate care has been provided, you can feel relief at how much cosmetic and functional support you enjoy from your restoration! If you would like to find out more, call Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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