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Enjoy Support From A Lifelike Crown

If you have a problem with your smile that makes restorative treatment necessary, the right service will offer more than just immediate relief. To fully preserve your oral health, we will need to take the right steps to provide lasting protection for your tooth with a custom filling or crown. Your Columbia, TN dentist can ensure that the crown you receive matches your tooth structure in order to keep its appearance from changing how you look. Remember that your risk for problems that require this approach is reduced when you stay consistent with regular dental exams.

Keeping A Tooth Safe After Treating A Cavity Or Injury

Our teeth are strong, which is fortunate, as they need to hold up against years of friction from biting and chewing food, including those that offer more resistance. A nutrient-rich diet calls for a relatively strong and stable bite function, which is why a dental restoration needs to be durable. After all, a filling or crown will have to absorb this pressure consistently to provide the right support. In the even that you need restorative dental work done and expect to receive a crown, you can be happy to know that we can provide one that is strong enough to provide the right protection while still offering cosmetic benefits.

Putting A Permanent Dental Crown In Place

To provide the right kind of support, a dental crown needs to be carefully constructed. Taking this care to make sure that your restoration fits will make it comfortable, and it will also make keeping it in place easier. We will take careful measurements of your tooth and perform preparatory work to make sure that your restoration can fit comfortably. With the measurements that we gather, we can produce a crown that is the right shape and size. Another measurement we take is of the color of your enamel, so that your treatment preserves the way you look.

More Services That Restore Teeth

Restorative treatment with dental fillings can prove to be effective while still preserving more of your tooth structure. These restorations are applied directly to an area where a cavity formed and had to be removed. When you want to undergo treatment for cosmetic flaws, we can use veneers to target the flaws you want to hide. These restorations are slim but still strong enough to offer years of support. Thanks to their slender design, they only need to cover the front surfaces of teeth, and can leave the surrounding structure unchanged.

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Treatment With A Lifelike Crown

When you undergo restorative work that includes the placement of a permanent crown, you can have some understandable concerns about how your procedure will affect your smile. At our Columbia, TN dentist's office, we can supply restorations that preserve your appearance while also providing structural support to let you maintain your natural bite. If you would like to find out more, please call Creekside Family Dentistry at (931) 388–3384.

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