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Helpful Details About Root Canal Therapy

While it is not something you have to look forward to, root canal therapy is an important procedure. When it is called for, it can stop a severe cavity or dental injury from causing prolonged discomfort, and it can be necessary for preventing tooth loss. At our Columbia, TN dentist's office, you can arrange this restorative treatment when it is appropriate and count on care to preserve your smile and well-being. Remember that we are also here to provide valuable ongoing care that can help you prevent a problem that requires this service.

What Does A Root Canal Actually Do For You?

Root canal therapy deals with problems within your tooth structure. When a cavity exposes your tooth's central chamber, or when an injury causes internal harm. Treating these issues should be a priority. In addition to stopping your problems with pain, the procedure prevents complications that will lead to the loss of a tooth. During your procedure, your dentist will carefully access your pulp (the central chamber) in order to remove bacteria and damaged tissues. After that work is completed, the area can be sealed, and you can receive a custom dental crown to provide protection.

What Happens After Your Root Canal Is Performed?

After you undergo root canal therapy, you will need a dental crown. Crowns are able to provide long-term support by covering a tooth with an appliance that is strong enough to absorb bite pressure. We take care to provide restorations that are made to support your individual tooth. A custom design can ensure that the crown offers stability without bothering neighboring teeth, that it looks natural, and provides the bite support you require after a procedure.

What Can You Do To Avoid A Root Canal?

As reassuring as it may be to know that a root canal procedure is available to you, it is important that your goal remains preventing any problems that might require restorative work. After all, even with the right procedure, you will experience permanent damage to your enamel. We provide regular dental exams for our patients, which can lead to early warnings about cavities that we can take care of before there is a need to perform a root canal. Your regular cleanings and reviews also help you maintain your smile so that you can fully avoid problems requiring restorative services.

Schedule Root Canal Therapy At Our Columbia, TN Dentist's Office

When it is appropriate to perform root canal therapy, we can provide the procedure for you so that we can preserve your smile and prevent complications with your oral health. If you have questions about this or any other service that we provide, please call

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