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Columbia, TN Family Dentist Shares Facts about Fluoride

fluoride treatmnent

Fluoride is one the of the key ingredients in toothpaste that provides your smile with cavity protection. This element helps fortify teeth when used correctly; however, in some instances, the use of fluoride can leave behind dental stains.

In today’s article, Dr. David Foster, your Columbia, TN family dentist offers his patients a few facts about fluoride.

Quick Facts about Fluoride

  1. Fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes offer excellent protection. If you’re looking for better cavity protection, switch a fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash. Look for brands like Sensodyne, which highlight the protection against enamel erosion. Additionally, mouthwash brands like ACT, contain extra fluoride to ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong. Patients should note, though, that children shouldn’t use overly fluoridated oral care products unless instructed by your Columbia, TN family dentist.

  2. Dentists provide in-office fluoride treatments. For patients who prefer to use professional-grade fluoride, ask for a fluoride treatment during your next dental exam. These treatments usually only take a few minutes and work for practically anyone.

  3. Fluoride is available as a supplement. In U.S. patients can receive prescriptions for dietary fluoride supplements. This is used more frequently for children who live in areas where the water supply isn’t infused with fluoride. The fluoride supplement allows the children to ward off the effects of tooth decay more effectively.

  4. Fluoride can cause fluorosis. As aforementioned, parents shouldn’t give their kids any fluoride until a dentist has approved that practice. Kids who become exposed to fluoride at a young age can develop a condition called, fluorosis. This leaves behind white and sometimes even brown stains on kids’ teeth that prove irreversible. Therefore, it’s best to wait until the doctor has suggested incorporating more fluoride into their everyday routine.

Creekside Family Dental Provides Excellent Preventative Care

If you would like more information about the use of fluoride and its many benefits, talk to Dr. Foster. He can explain why fluoride is important and how to appropriately incorporate it into your daily teeth cleaning routine. To schedule an appointment with your Columbia, TN family dentist, call us at (931) 388 – 3384. Also, visit our website for services, patient gallery, and to learn about our team. We welcome patients from Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville and surrounding cities.

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