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Stay Safe From Winter Virus Risks

Around this time of year, it can be difficult to keep yourself healthy. We have conditioned ourselves to feel that the common cold and infuenza are foregone conclusions of the season. If you are around children or crowds, avoiding contact with these viruses can seem like it is next to impossible!

But as we have learned through the pandemic years, your health is still mostly within your control. Taking the necessary steps to keep yourself as healthy as possible before an infection can help you eliminate risk altogether. Today, your Columbia, TN dentist lets you know that you have the power in keeping your oral health going through the prime months of cold and flu season!

Be Prepared

In terms of health, prevention is key. If we can avoid the interaction with harmful germs, it may help us stay safe throughout our life. Within dentistry, this is especially important, as we do not regrow tissue in the same way that other areas of our body are prone to do.

So taking the most steps in your preventive care can help you to stay as strong and beautiful as possible. The simplest and most effective way of doing this is through receiving the influenza vaccine. This annual shot can be incredibly helpful at allowing you to live your full life through the winter.

We often minimize the risk that comes alongside the flu. But it isn't just the lousy feelings and the fatigue that can cause you harm. Approximately 50,000 Americans passed away due to this virus in the 2018-2019 season. COVID has only made that statistic more dangerous, as many people are still struggling with infection or lasting effects.

What To Do When Sick

One of the hardest struggles with oral health maintenance can be developing healthy habits. When you are feeling awful, this can be even more difficult. Frankly, it may seem as if brushing your teeth is secondary to getting sleep and fluids.

But this action can make you feel a little better, just to start. Even when our health is at its peak, we never feel our best when our mouth is not properly cared for. Taking care during sickness can help you to feel better in the short-term while also strengthening your body. For instance, choosing sugar-free cough drops is an easy way to limit decay during this time. Maintaining hydration can also be difficult when ill. But taking this effort can help to stop the development of gum disease, which can make huge advances when ignored.

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