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Columbia, TN Family Dentist Presents: Best Foods for Smiles

Almost everyone has heard the expression, you are what you eat. While this expression is geared more towards overall health, it proves true for dental health, too. In fact, some foods promote a healthier smile, while others tend to ruin teeth.

In the following blog post, Dr. David Foster, your Columbia, TN family dentist shares which food items help maintain your smile healthy and strong.

For Improved Oral Health, Eat More of These

  1. Cheese. Eating cheese is beneficial for more than just one reason. First, it’s loaded with calcium, which is one of abundant elements in your enamel that makes it incredibly strong. Second, cheese helps protect your teeth against dental stains and acid wear. Since cheese is rather fatty, it leaves behind a protective film on the surface of your enamel. This film wards off stains from dietary choices, plus, it prohibits acidic foods from weakening the enamel. To reap these benefits, your Columbia, TN family dentist suggests pairing cheese with wine, sodas, and even tomatoes to neutralize the acid and avoid stains.

  2. Broccoli. Just like with cheese, broccoli also helps stave off acid erosion. According to a European study conducted back in 2010, teeth exposed to broccoli then soda, eroded half as fast. Due to the increased amount of iron found in broccoli, teeth were better equipped for acidic beverages.

  3. Pears. While most fruits have acidic qualities that can harm your smile, pears have been deemed the safe fruit. Researchers have found that the acidic qualities within dental plaque were significantly reduced after eating pears. Additionally, pears help stimulate the salivary glands, which increases the amount of saliva in the oral cavity. With more saliva, your mouth is able to neutralize any lingering acids and prevent cavities.

  4. Sugar-free gum. Though this doesn’t classify as a food per se, chewing gum does aid in maintaining sound oral health. Its stickiness helps dislodge food particles from chewing surfaces, which leads to less plaque build-up. Your Columbia, TN family dentist recommends having a pieces of gum shortly after eating for improved dental health.

Creekside Family Dental Shares Oral Health Care Tips

For more tips and tricks for maintaining your smile healthy, talk to Dr. Foster. He suggest dietary choices that improve both your overall and oral health. At Creekside Family Dental, we care about your smile and well-being. To schedule an appointment with your Columbia, TN family dentist, call us at (931) 388 – 3384. Also, visit our website for services, patient gallery, and to learn about our team. We welcome patients from Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville and surrounding cities.

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