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Columbia, TN Dentist: Caring for a Baby Tooth Extraction

No one wants to have a

tooth extracted, especially not a child. Yet, when baby teeth have far too much decay, the best treatment is to extract the baby tooth altogether. This ensures that the remainder of the child’s oral health isn’t compromised.

While the procedure itself is usually completed with anesthesia and sedation methods, knowing the proper aftercare is very important to prevent any complications from happening. In this post, Dr. David Foster, your Columbia, TN general dentist explains how to care for your child post-baby tooth extraction.

Caring for Your Little One After an Extraction

  1. Avoid strenuous activities. For the first 24 hour period, make sure your kiddo doesn’t complete any strenuous activities, such as, playing sports or exercising. Instead, your Columbia, TN general dentist advises your kids rest as they recover, which promotes healing.

  2. Stop the bleeding. As with any extraction, bleeding at the site is expected. Once you return home, have your child bite down on pieces of gauze until the bleeding stops. Since baby teeth don’t have very deep tooth roots, the bleeding should stop within 45 minutes to an hour.

  3. Give them the prescribed medicine. Make sure to give your kids whichever medicine the doctor prescribes. Also, use ice packs around their faces to reduce swelling and numb the area.

  4. No hard foods. A soft foods diet is in order while the area heals. Jello, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and applesauce have been deemed safe to eat. Furthermore, avoid drinking overly hot liquids since this could damage the formed blood clot.

  5. Rinse with a salt water solution. Two to three times a day, or after each meal, take care to make a salt water solution for you kiddo. Have them rinse with it to remove any food particles or bacteria that may have accumulate in the area.

Creekside Family Dental Completes Extraction Procedures

If your child is need of a baby tooth extraction, talk to Dr. Foster. He can explain the procedure in detail and shares tips to ensure your child feels less afraid on the day of the procedure. To schedule an appointment your Columbia, TN general dentist, call us at (931) 388 – 3384. Also, visit our website for services, patient gallery, and to learn about our team. We welcome patients from Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville and surrounding cities.

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