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Columbia Dentist Offers Smile Restoration with Dental Bridges

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Losing a tooth can be embarrassing and may hinder the health of your smile. In order to restore your smile, your Columbia dentist, Dr. David Foster, provides dental bridges. This safe and effective procedure provides natural looking and durable dental replacement. In today’s blog, Dr. Foster uses a fun and informative quiz to discuss the smile restoring capabilities of dental bridges.

Dental Bridge Quiz

1. True or False: You should replace a missing tooth as soon as possible.

2. True or False: Your Columbia TN cosmetic dentist will attach your bridge using dental crowns.

3. True or False: Dental bridges blend with your smile.

4. True or False: Dental bridges provide long lasting restoration.

Answer Key

1. True. Even a single missing tooth can threaten the stability of your smile. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth may begin to drift towards the empty socket. This causes misalignment, which may eventually lead to discomfort when eating or speaking. Misalignment also makes brushing and flossing your teeth difficult, increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and further tooth loss.

2. True. Dental crowns will be attached to each side of your replacement tooth. The crowns will be placed onto the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. The crowns anchor your bridge into place.

3. True. Your crowns and replacement teeth will be custom-made and shaded to match your surrounding teeth. As a result, your new restoration will look natural.

4. True. On average, a dental bridge provides between 10 and 15 years of quality restoration.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Columbia TN Cosmetic Dentist

For patients with one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge can return their smiles to full function and appearance. Talk to your Columbia TN cosmetic dentist today. Dr. Foster will perform an examination and decide if a bridge will provide the best course of smile restoration. Dr. Foster offers the latest in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment our 38401 dentist office by calling (931) 388-3384. We welcome patients from Columbia, Spring Hill, Mt. Pleasant, Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville and surrounding communities.

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