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Columbia Dentist Offers Family Dental Care

Often, finding the right dental practice for your family can be overwhelming. A quick Google search will reveal a myriad of local options. Thankfully, help is just around the corner. At Creekside Family Dental, our team provides dental care for the entire family. From our youngest to our oldest patients employ the latest in dental care to help ensure a lifetime of Healthy teeth and gums. In today’s blog, your Columbia dentist, Dr. David Foster, discusses our approach to providing family dental care.

Checkups and Cleanings

According to the American Dental Association, children and adults should undergo a routine checkup and cleaning once every six months. During a checkup, your Columbia, TN family dentist will watch for any signs of developing dental issues, such as decay or misalignment. If Dr. Foster discovers any signs of dental problems, he can recommend the appropriate treatment. Early detection increases the chances of full recovery and reduces the necessity for invasive and costly procedures down the road. With a cleaning, our dental hygienists will polish your teeth and remove the layers of plaque buildup from your smile. Plaque irritates the gums, causing inflammation that may lead to gum disease. A simple cleaning helps your smile stay bright and free of periodontal disease.

Children’s Dentistry

Your Columbia, TN family dentist also offers innovative children’s dentistry. Dr. Foster strives to educate your little ones on the best methods of maintaining healthy smiles. In order to help prevent tooth decay, Dr. Foster offers dental sealants. Thin layers of special plastic material is applied to the molars in the back of the mouth. This keeps food from adhering to the surface of the teeth or becoming stuck between them, preventing the onset of tooth decay.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Columbia Family Dentist

Interested in receiving quality dental care for the entire family? Then talk to your Columbia, TN family dentist today. To schedule an appointment, call us at (931) 388-3384. Also, visit our website for services, patient gallery, and to learn about our team. Dr. Foster offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures. We welcome patients from Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville and surrounding cities.

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