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Address Your Tooth Loss with a Secure Prostheses

Address Your Tooth Loss with a Secure Prostheses

a prosthetic dentist could restore your smile and your confidence.

Why Are Prostheses So Important

There are actually a number of reasons to complete a smile after tooth loss, both cosmetically and functionally. For instance, when a tooth is missing, remaining teeth can try to shift to fill the gap that was created by the loss. This can lead to alignment problems that can cause discomfort and also difficulty chewing. Over time, it can also contribute to jaw-related discomfort, or even teeth grinding.

Another lesser-known side effect of tooth loss is that the jaw can shrink over time. That’s because healthy tooth roots are what supply the jaw with the nutrients needed to retain its structure. Without healthy roots, the jaw can shrink.

Complete the Smile Securely with a Dental Bridge or Dental Implant

Both dental bridges and dental implants provide more secure alternatives to unsupported dentures. Bridges do so using dental crowns affixed to remaining teeth, while implants use mimic tooth roots to hold replacement teeth securely in place.

Ready to Complete Your Smile?

Want to enjoy a fully restored smile? Schedule a prosthetic consultation with Creekside Family Dental Center in Columbia, TN by calling (931) 388-3384 today.

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