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Your Toothbrush Review: Things You’re Not Factoring In (But Should)

You have probably already gotten down the most essential factor involved in choosing a toothbrush that will absolutely work wonders for you and that, of course, is using one with soft bristles. However, that doesn’t really mean you have any additional knowledge that will help you do an even better job with your dental hygiene! The unfortunately thing in this case is that you may simply not know which questions to ask. Of course, if you were to simply ask for tips during your next checkup with our Columbia, TN team, we could fill you in with lots of info! For now, let’s get started with the essentials that will have you all geared up for your next shopping trip!

Let The ADA Offer Your Guidance

Of course, our team is going to offer you lots of ideas during your preventive visits with us. However, you don’t need to rely solely on the stuff we tell you! There will be an extra helping hand guiding you as you reach through different brush selections in the dental hygiene aisle. While we don’t have time to head out on shopping trips with each of our patients, the ADA gives it Seal of Acceptance for products to companies that have volunteered to have their products tested (and that have passed those tests). So, when you need a little extra help as you’re staring at brush after brush, look at the packaging. Find the seal. If you see it, you know that you’re using our advice and you’ve got the approval of the American Dental Association, too!

Think About What You Need

We know that when you’re choosing dental hygiene items, you think a lot about what you see. We encourage you to think beyond what the brush looks like and what it says it will do. Imagine yourself actually using it at home during your hygiene sessions. Think about the size of the entire brush, the way it is shaped, the size of the head, the configuration of the bristles, and more! If you can imagine using it successfully, then you’ll likely like it and it will help you thoroughly clean your smile and prevent decay. If you think something to yourself like, “Hmm, I’m worried it might be too big” or “I don’t like those weird rubber bristles along the side of the head,” then look further until you find something that you do like.

Make Your Dental Hygiene Even Better With Our Tips

When you consider advice we have to offer you during your checkups, you can make your hygiene at home even better! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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