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Your Smile: What’s With The Weird Sensation?

When you feel

good about your smile health in general but you start to notice a new sensation or two, and the only way you can really describe them is “weird,” then you may not be feeling on top of the world about your grin. Understandably, when you notice some sort of unusual shift but you can’t explain it, the result can cause you to feel a bit nervous. Not to worry! Our Columbia, TN team is always here to explain new symptoms and to help you resolve them. To get started, why not consider some very common sensations, why they happen, and what to do?

Your Teeth Feel Coated

There are a couple primary reasons your smile feels coated. Let’s review:

  1. If you eat foods that contain a lot of oxalic acid, such as beets or spinach, they release this substance and it sits on your teeth. Due to the structure of this acid, which includes tiny little crystals, you can feel it on your teeth. It ends up feeling sort of furry, fuzzy, and like it’s covering tooth surfaces. You can brush it off and your smile health will be just fine.

  2. You aren’t caring for your teeth as well as you should. The result? The plaque you usually brush and floss off of your smile is still there. Some of it has become extraordinarily hard (we call it tartar). You can feel it covering your smile! You need a cleaning from our team to return to the good, healthy sensation that you knew before and to avoid tooth decay.

Your Tongue Feels “Metallic”

The only way you can think to describe how your tongue is feeling (or the taste in your mouth) is metallic. Where is this coming from, you wonder? A few things might be going on here. First, you may be taking a medication that causes this side effect. Second, you may be suffering from dry mouth! This can become a problem as a side effect of certain medications, due to a lack of drinking enough water, or even from mouth breathing if you’re congested. Consider these details, make any necessary changes, and see us about your smile health if the issue persists.

Talk Your Symptoms Over With Us!

If you notice new sensations and they’re not necessarily pleasant ones, feel free to come in for a smile health visit, so we can help you. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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