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Your Infected Tooth: 3 Things You’ve Got To Remember!

You might not really enjoy thinking

about an infected tooth, so the idea of remembering particularly important details surrounding infection doesn’t make you smile. However, once you realize that when you consider these few details our Columbia, TN team has to offer, you can treat and then very easily prevent infection, the incentive to do so becomes quite appealing! We know that you may not be sure about infections, how to treat them, or how to keep them from impacting your smile, so let us help. It’s easier than you may have guessed!

#1: You Need Immediate Treatment

While there are certain smile health problems you may avoid for a while without threatening your very well being, this is not the case for an infected tooth. You should seek treatment from us immediately! Otherwise, the infection can make its way throughout your mouth. It can also end up in your body (by entering your bloodstream), which is extremely dangerous! Skip the potential for an abscess and the spreading of infection. See us ASAP.

#2: We Can Usually Save Your Tooth!

The very good news about your infected tooth is that we can usually rescue it with a treatment we call root canal therapy. In short, we remove the infection that has developed, along with damaged tissue, we fill the area, reseal it, place a crown, and you’re done. Is it possible that you may require an extraction? Yes, if the infection is severe. Fortunately, when this is the case, we can replace the tooth. Either way, you end up with a healthy, complete, infection-free smile once again!

#3: Avoiding Infection Is Very Possible

You decide that after experiencing an infected tooth, you’d really prefer to avoid them in the future. However, you’re not sure what to do. We can help! First, remember that it’s all about the foundational details of preventive care that get you started. When you brush your teeth and you floss consistently, you’re preventing things that lead to infection (like weak teeth that can crack, decay, etc.). You should also schedule visits with us twice a year for preventive care. Next, if something occurs that requires restorative care (like a cavity), treat is right away. That way, you stop the problem before it grows, progresses, and an infection develops! Easy.

Rescue Your Infected Tooth With Our Care

Come in to see us for root canal treatment, so you can rescue an infected tooth and get back to good oral health. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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