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Why Your Friends Tell You Fillings Hurt

While your friends may have the best of intentions, you may find that when you mention you’ve scheduled a dental filling, those friends of yours have a shocking amount of unpleasant things to tell you. As you listen, you may start wondering why these individuals that you really do like would tell you a filling hurts if it doesn’t. Rest assured: There are actually some very good reasons for this very common phenomenon! Give our Columbia, TN team just a moment of your time to explain.

Your Friend Has Heard It From Someone Else

When you mention to someone you know that you’re about to receive a dental filling and that individual begins telling you tons of unsavory stories about this treatment, remember to ask where he or she found these details. You will often find that people (even people you know!) often pass along hearsay that they consider to be common knowledge.

Your Friend Had A Serious Cavity

If your friend went to the dentist to receive a dental filling, it’s very important that you remember some key information: This story means that your friend had a cavity that required treatment! Don’t forget that cavities, particularly when left untreated, can become extremely uncomfortable. We find that as patients look back on experiences, they often attribute discomfort to the entire experience. Rest assured that yes, a cavity can hurt but a dental filling is essentially free of sensation. Why is that? Well, because we do a very good job at thoroughly numbing your tooth and neighboring tissues before we begin!

Your Friend Doesn’t Come See Us

When you compare the experiences your friends or family have through other dental practices, it’s good to note: They are not receiving dental care from our team, which means it’s hard to compare. Don’t overlook the fact that in line with ensuring we go above and beyond to protect your oral health, we also pay close attention to your comfort. Whether it’s a dental filling, a checkup, a crown, or anything else, you will feel at ease when you are under our care!

Schedule Your Comfortable Filling Soon

Don’t procrastinate when you’re in need of care for a cavity. Treat it immediately with a dental filling to keep your smile safe. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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