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What You Might Not Know About CEREC Dental Crowns

If you are trying to determine what makes

a dental crown produced with CEREC technology special, consider the importance of your time. CEREC makes it possible to produce a dental crown at your dentist’s office, and produces that crown in time to have it fitted on your tooth in a single visit. When you eliminate the need for a follow-up appointment, you save time, but you also ensure your tooth has the protection it needs without undue delay. When you go in to have a CEREC crown placed, your dentist will be able to perform every step of the process needed to provide you with your restoration in that session. That means preparing your tooth for the fitting, gathering the necessary information for crafting the crown, having it produced, and then permanently placing it, all in a single trip.

Ceramic Crowns Can Be Cosmetically Pleasing

Your CEREC crown, made from ceramic, will look like a natural tooth. This means you can enjoy vital protection for your tooth without sacrificing your smile. This makes ceramic crowns particularly popular when patients need a restoration for a tooth that is more visible.

Avoiding Issues That Require A Dental Crown

With good preventive dental care – care at home, and care from your dentist during your routine appointments – you can avoid developing a problem serious enough to warrant a crown. Remember that by keeping up with regular visits every six months, you ensure that decay has less time to harm your tooth. Cavities do permanent damage that has to be addressed with restorative dental work. By stopping decay’s spread sooner, you protect yourself from irreversible dental damage.

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