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Want to Protect Your Kids’ Smiles? What Are They Eating?

As a parent, are you tired of taking your kids to restorative dental appointments, because they continue to struggle with cavities? No parent wants to see his or her child in discomfort or pain. Sadly many parents don’t realize that there are plenty of ways they can

help their kids prevent dental problems, in the first place. Regular hygiene, for instance, can help to limit plaque buildup. That said, a healthy diet is also important to preventing dental cavities!

Instead of Sugar-filled Treats, Try Healthier Options

Why does sugar get such a bad reputation when it comes to dental health? That’s because the bacteria in the mouth feed upon sugars. Therefore, the more sugar your kids are regularly consuming, the more likely they are to struggle with acidic erosion that can lead to cavities, and also contribute to gum disease.

To help prevent dental issues, it is important that your kids eat a well-balanced diet and limit their sugar intake. Think this feels impossible? Think again!

  1. Instead of crackers or chips, which tend to be low in nutrients and high in simple starches that break down into sugar, try fresh vegetables instead. Celery and carrot sticks pack just as much crunch, but they also offer great nutrition and limited sugar. Many kids like fresh broccoli, cauliflower, or even bell pepper slices, particularly when paired with a healthy dip for added flavor.

  2. Hummus is a healthy option, and one which adds lots of protein to afternoon snacks. Peanut or another nut butter is another great option.

  3. Fresh fruit can be another good option, especially those that are low in acidity and sugar content. Apple slices, for instance, are a great choice. Or add blueberries or strawberries to plain yogurt, for a sweet snack with far less sugar than many pre-flavored yogurts.

Swap the Soda for Good, Old H20

Of course, another way kids tend to consume a lot of sugar is in their drink choices. Soda isn’t the only culprit, either. Many fruit juices, smoothies, sports drinks and even meal replacement shakes can be dangerously high in sugar. So try to swap out these sugary beverages with water, as often as possible. Their smiles, and general health, will likely benefit from the switch. Not to mention, water gets a seal of approval from the family dentist.

Do Your Kids Need Preventive Treatment?

If your kids are in need of dental cleanings, you can schedule a consultation with your family dentist at Creekside Family Dental Center in Columbia, TN by calling (931) 388-3384 today.

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