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Things To Consider: When You Avoid Professional Prevention

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’ll probably fare perfectly well by focusing all of your attention on your prevention at home. As a result, what could go wrong? Certainly as long as you are thorough, you don’t miss a single moment with brushing or flossing, and you’re doing things correctly, you won’t need professional preventive care … right? We appreciate your commitment to the smile protection you create in your home but we beg to differ! Seeing is us an integral part of maintaining oral health.

Without It, Costs Go Up

With professional preventive care, we keep you ahead of problems. As a result, your costs remain primarily associated with your dental hygiene items and your twice-annual visits. When you don’t keep up with your professional care, you miss out on early signs of problems (and you miss out on plaque and tartar removal). Any problems that arise will likely develop into issues requiring restorative care, which will then require treatments yielding additional costs!

Without It, You’re Sort Of Wasting Your Time

Of course, you’re not actually wasting your time. Brushing and flossing like a champion without coming in for professional preventive care is certainly much better than simply not doing anything at all. However, you’re sort of sabotaging your hard work. If you come in for cleanings and checkups, you’re supporting the care you provide at home. If you don’t, you’re working against it. Make your efforts their best when you keep up with the professional side of things!

See Us For Professional Prevention

Take your professional preventive visits seriously! You’ll need to see us just two times a year for exceptional results. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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