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Things Sensitivity May Be Trying To Tell You

Smile sensitivity isn’t just there for no reason! While it’s possible there’s nothing wrong with your smile and that this is just one characteristic of your very unique smile, the opposite is also very likely: Something could be not-quite-right with your smile at the moment. Something fixable, of course, so don’t worry! However, do recognize that in order to regain a grin that feels A-OK most of the time, you should really spend some time with our Columbia, TN practice, as we help you figure out what your sensitivity is trying to tell you!

Your Smile Isn’t 100 Percent Well

If you find yourself facing a daily experience with smile sensitivity, this may be a very loud and clear signal that something isn’t exactly right with your smile. While it’s possible that your oral health is okay, remember that sensitivity often happens because previously protected nerves have become exposed or aggravated in some way. This can happen as a result of decay, infection, cracks, and more. To find out whether you require restorative care or if all is well, come on in!

You’re Overdoing The Acidic Stuff

Too many acidic beverages, too much acidic food, and not enough rinsing of your smile can damage your enamel over time by eroding it. The result? Sensitive teeth! See us for tips regarding your diet and your smile.

You Are Really Overdoing It With Brushing

We remind patients that good care is gentle care. Unfortunately, if you’re flossing too hard or too quickly, you’re doing the same with brushing, or you’re using a product that is too harsh for your smile in any way (from abrasive paste to home teeth whitening from the drugstore), then this may yield smile sensitivity. To get back on track with your care, come in for guidance.

You Just…Have Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth may feel sensitive because, well, they’re sensitive. For some, this is just part of daily life but the good news is that you can take steps to keep your smile more comfortable. Of course, we suggest you see our team just to be sure all is well. Beyond that, we will suggest you use toothpaste made specifically to help block sensitivity. You can also make mindful choices in regard to avoiding triggers of sensitivity, such as more carefully eating cold or hot foods (or sticking with those that aren’t too cold or too hot).

Address Sensitivity With Our Help

Remember that treating sensitivity first means figuring out where it’s coming from and why. To accomplish this first step, we invite you to come in to our practice for a checkup, so we can tell you what’s going on! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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