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Symptoms: What To Make (Or Not Make) Of Them?

When you think about the telling signs that something is wrong with one’s well being, one of your first thoughts is likely about symptoms. Just like you head to your general practitioner when you realize you experience a symptom with your body, such as chronic headaches or a sore spot, you think that you should probably also rely on smile symptoms to let you know that it’s time to visit our Columbia, TN practice. Here’s the issue: Sometimes, symptoms do provide you with those smile health red flags you’re keeping an eye out for. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t show up. So, what to make of symptoms? We can help.

When There Are No Symptoms Present

We know that sometimes, you look in the mirror, you brush, you floss, you go about your daily life and you are aware that you are experiencing zero symptoms associated with your oral health. So, what does this absence of symptoms mean, you wonder? If you guessed that a lack of symptoms means you have a healthy smile, you should know: This could be correct or incorrect. The lack of symptoms may indeed mean that nothing is wrong! Or, you may have smile health issue that has developed but that has not expressed any symptoms! As you’re realizing, you cannot necessarily trust them to show up and to inform you of your current oral health standing.

When There Are Obvious Symptoms

Now, what about when there are obvious symptoms in your mouth? You may have guessed that this definitely means you have an oral health problem that will probably require restorative care. Again: you may be correct or incorrect. Symptoms often mean something is wrong! However, they can also occur when your smile is just fine. Don’t take them as absolutes but do act when they arrive.

In Summary: You Always Need Checkups!

So what do you do, you wonder? Do you wait for symptoms or not? Do you act when you notice them or ignore them? We can make this very clear:

  1. Every six months, symptoms or no, you should see us for a dental checkup.

  2. If you notice symptoms between six-month visits, call us to set up an additional visit. If symptoms arise, do not worry … just see us and go from there! If you require care, we will offer it and restore your smile health!

See Us Every Six Months No Matter What

When you see or recognize symptoms, remember that you are always free to contact us for a visit! However, even if you feel that your smile is in perfect condition, you still need your twice-annual checkups! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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