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Smile Care: Can I Bring Absolutely Anything To Your Attention?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

You hear frequently from us (and you get the idea in general) that you are welcome to bring any and all smile care related questions to our Columbia, TN team. While this is information that you carry around with you, there’s still some level of doubt that makes you wonder: Really? Or, are there certain things you should just keep to yourself, things we would rather you didn’t ask, or things we’ll think you should know already? Of course, the answer is that you are truly invited to bring to our attention anything that promotes your healthier grin! Consider some categories, so you feel more confident about what we’re saying!

Questions About Symptoms

You may wonder why we are including questions about symptoms. Of course you would come in to see our team to make us aware of symptoms, right? Well, in some cases, we find that patients feel uneasy about this when it’s something other than a very obvious issue, such as a toothache. Maybe you have a funny sensation you can barely describe. Maybe you just feel as though your intuition is telling you something. Perhaps you don’t know if what you’re seeing is normal or a symptom. Bring any oral health related change to our attention! It’s the best approach.

Curiosity About Cosmetic Care Potential

You might really like thinking about cosmetic smile care because if you were to receive it, you could enjoy a much lovelier smile! With that said, you may wonder if you can feel comfortable mentioning it to us and when to do so. Remember: We offer it because we understand wanting a beautiful smile. You may bring it up during visits or you may even schedule a cosmetic consultation to learn all about how we can help!

Embarrassing Questions About Possible Concerns

What’s this sore and where did it come from, you wonder? Feeling embarrassed about changes or concerns? Don’t! Your oral health is essential, which means it’s very important to investigate all issues, not just the ones you’re used to mentioning! Schedule a checkup soon.

Uncertainty About How Dental Care Works

What’s a filling? What’s the right way to brush and floss? How often should I set up smile care visits, you wonder? Feeling shy about stuff you guess lots of people know already? Don’t feel shy. Ask! It’s the only way you’ll gain the knowledge you need!

Bring Us All Of Your Smile Questions

Don’t miss out on the answers you need and want in terms of your oral health! Bring us your big and little questions, your easy and your challenging questions, and we will always be happy to offer advice! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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