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Ready For Bonding? Contouring? Let’s Find Out!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

At first, you assume you’re probably going to need dental bonding. However, then part of you thinks it may be dental contouring you require. Then again, you realize you don’t necessarily know what makes these cosmetic care treatments different, what makes them similar, and when you might need one or the other (or, gasp, both!). Get the very easy-to-understand details sorted out when you simply learn more with our Columbia, TN team! You’ll be pleased to learn we can help you with your every smile need!

When You Need More Tissue

When your tooth is esthetically damaged, you don’t need a replacement tooth. You don’t need the full coverage of a crown either! What you really need instead is a way to address blemishes, spaces, and more, as you guide yourself toward a better looking smile. Remember, in this case, dental bonding is your best friend! This is the cosmetic treatment you can count on to offer you what looks like more tissue, wherever you need it. We use custom-colored composite, so your treatment looks totally natural!

When You Need Tissue To Go Away

Maybe what you really need is for some of your tissue to go away. As you can tell, this means dental bonding isn’t going to be what you require in this instance. Instead, you’re really need dental contouring. It’s a very gentle buffing process that lets us take a bit of tissue away (a very, very small bit, that is) to refine the shape or texture of your tooth. Whether your tooth is too pointed, wide, long, etc., we can remove the tissue necessary for improvement.

When You’re Hoping For Both

Scratching your head at the moment because you just realized you need both dental bonding and contouring? Worrying that you’ll have to choose one or the other? You won’t! You may select both of these as companions to one another, so we can use bonding in particular areas and contouring in others, as we guide you toward a much nicer looking smile that makes you happy!

When You’re Not Completely Sure

Feeling like you might need dental bonding and contouring but wondering how to proceed? Perhaps you just realized you would really like to learn more about veneers, as well. Gain additional details and plans for your smile by seeing us very soon for a visit!

Discover More About Bonding And Contouring

Learn much more about dental bonding and dental contouring, when you come in to speak with our friendly team during a consultation! Create a custom cosmetic care plan with us for a prettier grin! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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