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Surprise! What You Really Need Is Bonding!

When you realize you’re not entirely thrilled with one particular aspect of your smile because it’s making your grin look less than beautiful, you begin wondering to yourself: Which cosmetic treatment will I require? While you may make some guesses and they may be possible, it’s also entirely likely that you’re not spot on. Did you know that patients often assume they need something more complex or intense when the issue actually requires a simple fix? Find out if this may be the case from our Columbia, TN team as we explain those surprising moments when dental bonding saves the day!

You Think You Need Orthodontics For A Tooth Gap

When you look in the mirror and all you see, rather than recognizing all of the good things about your smile, is a gap between two teeth, you may sigh to yourself. You figure that in order to someday feel really good about the appearance of your smile, you’re going to need braces and that’s no minor thing! However, we are happy to report that for one single esthetic space that doesn’t affect your oral health, we can usually address the concern with dental bonding!

You Figure You Require Contouring For A Chip

If you chip a tooth, then you know that it can feel rough, it can look rough, and you know in an instant that as long as it’s not threatening your overall oral health or the safety of your tooth, cosmetic care will give you the solution you need. However, you may figure that in order to create a smooth surface, you will probably need contouring. The truth is that in most instances, to fix chips, you will rely on dental bonding. Not only can you regain the smooth contour you once enjoyed but you can replace the tissue you lost.

You’re Guessing You Should See Us For Whitening

Again, what do you see when you look at your smile? Is your grin looking okay except for that one single stain that detracts from everything else? You might guess that since teeth whitening is usually suggested for discoloration that you’re going to need it. However, for single issues, such as stains or discolored individual teeth, dental bonding is usually the camouflage we suggest for quick yet beautiful improvement.

Learn About Bonding Advantages With Us

Come in to find out all you need to know in terms of cosmetic care, your unique needs, and how dental bonding may be able to provide you with your desired improvements. Gather every last detail during a consultation! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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