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Quiz: Preventive Care From Your Dentist


Preventive dental care appointments will help you preserve the good health of your teeth. These visits allow your dentist to look carefully at your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth, to search for any possible oral health problems. When your dentist finds an issue that needs treatment during a checkup, you can receive care promptly, and have the problem solved before it becomes serious. In cases when no issues are found, the attention your teeth receive from your hygienist can make it easier to keep your mouth cavity-free.


True Or False: You should go in for a checkup with your dentist every nine months, unless your dentist recommends a different time line.

True Or False: Your dentist can find damages on your enamel – including cavities – that you may be unaware of.

True Or False: Dental visits can help reinforce the importance of good oral care to your child.


False! The standard recommendation is actually to see your dentist every six months. However, there may be situations where your dentist recommends a different schedule for you, based on your individual needs.

True! Smaller cavities, and enamel damage that could eventually become a damage, can be detected by your dentist during a checkup. If you receive care at this early stage, you may only be in need of a filling to restore your tooth.

True! Your dentist can address the dental needs for your family, including the needs of your child. Even young children should see their dentist regularly. These appointments help them appreciate that good oral health care matters.

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