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Prevention: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

When you find yourself hearing about preventive care with our practice, you may notice you’re not really sure what this means. You know it’s something we suggest you keep up with but what does it actually include? Is it for you or not? How about your children? Shouldn’t you just wait until you notice a smile problem before you come in for a visit? Let’s lay out the answers for you, so you understand all you need to know about your all important prevention.

What’s Prevention All About?

Preventive care is all about focusing on helping you avoid oral health problems. This is why it’s best to keep up with prevention rather than waiting until you notice a concern with your smile. We can stop that concern from ever occurring at all! In general, this field of care includes the following:

  1. Checkups and cleanings

  2. Oral cancer screenings

  3. Gum treatment

  4. Sealants and fluoride

  5. TMJ disorder treatment

  6. Orthodontic care

Who Needs It?

In short: Everyone needs preventive care. Every single person on this planet benefits from cleanings and checkups because they are the very foundation of allowing you to avoid oral health problems from developing. As for the particulars, patients may require additional treatments on a case by case basis. During your checkups, we will let you know, for instance, if you require TMJ disorder treatment or if your children will benefit from treatments, such as sealants.

How Frequently Should I Schedule A Visit?

Children and adults should see us for preventive care visits, which include a checkup and cleaning, two times a year. For best results, schedule them six months apart!

Practice Excellent Prevention For A Healthy Smile

If you want to keep your smile as healthy as possible, get on track with your preventive care. It’s that simple! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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