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Nuts, Seeds: Things You Least Expect!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

You hear so many different things about nuts and seeds that sometimes it makes your head spin! One second, they’re the ultimate in nutrition and just a handful a day can improve your life for the better! The next second, you find that you’re worried about their presence as you do your best to keep your oral health in immaculate shape. Then, you’re right back to hearing that almonds are amazing for your smile because they are high in calcium! Good news: While this topic can be cause for confusion, it’s also one our Columbia, TN team can sort out faster than you can say pumpkin seeds!

They’re Healthy, So Why Are They A Problem?

You are correct in your assertion that nuts and seed are little tiny superfoods that provide you with quite a wallop of nutrition. However, many nuts and seeds are very hard, which means they can be quite hard on your teeth and other oral structures. If you consume them with reckless abandon, then you may end up with oral health concerns. Over time, using your smile to nibble open seeds can erode your tissue. Chewing your way through tough nuts or seeds may strain your jaw joints, contributing to TMJ problems. You may even break a tooth on a hard nut. It’s all about making mindful choices.

How Did I Break A Tooth?

Maybe you usually avoid hard nuts and you have been as mindful as you can about seeds. You know that you should be careful by removing the shell ahead of time and by selecting foods that aren’t too difficult to break down. So, how could you possibly end up cracking a tooth? Here’s another reason nuts and seeds are problematic for your oral health: Sometimes, they’re hidden. Our quick reminder is to remember to check pastries, breads, salads, and more! When you know what you’re biting into, you’re protecting your teeth.

What Do I Do About This Stuck Seed?

Whether you meant to eat a particular seed or a piece of a nut was hiding in your brownie, one thing is for sure: They can very easily slip between two teeth, where they become stuck. To begin, you are more than welcome to try to dislodge it by rinsing with water, brushing, and flossing. Though, keep in mind, if these efforts do not succeed, come in. It’s safer for your oral health to allow us to remove it than for you to force it!

Come To Us For Any Dental Care Need

Whether you have questions about nutrition, how to protect your smile, or you need help with something stuck between two teeth, remember that comprehensive dental care means we are here for it all! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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