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Keeping Your Smile Clean Between Hygiene Sessions

You are a master when it comes to your dental hygiene session. Yep, you know how to brush and floss with the best of them! However, it’s the time … all of that time … between your morning and your evening session that is starting to worry you. Should you be doing something to clean your smile during this huge amount of time, filled with minutes and hours during which you consume food, beverages, and you just pretend like your teeth aren’t coated with all sorts of particles that could lead to oral health issues? Not to worry! Our Columbia, TN team is ready to help you out by offering easy to follow suggestions to keep your smile nice and clean until it’s time to brush again.

Chew Sugarless Gum!

Our team wants you to remember that your brush and floss are very powerful, of course, when you’re protecting your oral health. However, they’re not the only things you can rely on when you want to cleanse your smile. Great news! That chewing gum you may have been assuming you shouldn’t chew: That’s only the case if it’s full of sugar. The sugarless variety, especially when chewed for about 20 minutes, will work wonders for helping you keep your teeth and gums clean between dental hygiene sessions!

Rinse Your Smile With Water

In addition to keeping your smile looking nice, one of the reasons you’re concerned about protecting your smile between dental hygiene sessions is because you want to make sure you’re not letting things like decay occur, which can result in a need for restorative dentistry. Nope, you prefer to stick with prevention when possible! With that said, don’t overlook the exceptional help that rinsing your mouth with water will provide for you. If you’re drinking water throughout the day or are actively rinsing your mouth after you eat anything (or drink anything), you’re completing some serious cleansing! Turn this into a habit and you’ll keep your oral health even safer!

Carry Floss Picks (Only For On The Go!)

No, those handy dandy floss picks you see at the store should not replace your regular flossing. You should also be careful about the pointy end of that pick. However, carrying them with you (when out and about or at work) is often a good plan, so you can floss between teeth if you need to remove debris.

Keep Your Smile Healthy 24/7 With Our Tips

Remember that we are full of ideas, tips, and tricks that can assist you in keeping your smile clean beyond the obvious! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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