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Is There Such a Thing as a Smile-healthy Diet?

Ever wondered if what you eat could be impacting more than just your body’s health? Your dietary choices can have a big influence on your dental health, as well. So while there may not be any miracle diets, there is a way to eat that can help keep your smile and your body healthy. It simply requires making some smart choices about what you eat and drink, in order to help reduce your chance of developing cavities and other dental problems, including gum disease. Combined with

regular preventive appointments, a healthy diet can help to prolong your oral health. Best of all, you don’t need any special products, shakes, or supplements. You just need to know what to buy and avoid at the grocery store and restaurants!

Why Does What You Eat Matter to Dental Health?

Just like the rest of your body, your smile relies on water, nutrients and minerals to help keep it strong and healthy. If you are missing key nutrients, your teeth can become weakened and prone to damage, including dental decay. On the other hand, if you’re filling up on nutrient-rich foods, you are far more likely to enjoy good oral and overall health.

That said, it is just as important to avoid certain foods, which can be damaging to your dental health, and at the top of that list is sugar.

That’s because the bacteria in your mouth feed upon sugars, and other simple starches that break down much like sugar. So, the more of these foods you consume, the more likely you are to develop cavities.

How Can You Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy?

To keep your smile healthy, pick fresh, whole foods as often as possible. This should include lots of vegetables and fruits, which are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Lean proteins and healthy fats are other great additions to your diet. Dairy products can be healthy, as well, but only if you’re choosing items with little to no added sugar. Many flavored yogurts, milks and coffee creamers are high in added sugar, so read the label before you buy.

Also, remember to drink water throughout the day, to help keep your smile healthy, and your entire body properly hydrated!

Finally, keep in mind that no amount of healthy eating, or even dental hygiene, is a substitute for regular professional dental cleanings. So be sure you visit your family dentist at least twice a year, to keep your smile in great shape!

In Need of Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry can help you avoid many dental problems, including gum disease and cavities. You can schedule a preventive checkup and cleaning with Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, by calling (931) 388–3384 today.

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