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How Veneers And Crowns Make Cosmetic Improvements

Your confidence in your smile can be affected by many factors. For patients who have damaged, misshapen, or poorly aligned teeth, conspicuous flaws and a lack of overall symmetry can lead to discomfort with your appearance. There is more than one treatment our Columbia, TN dentist's office can recommend to patients who want to address these concerns. Porcelain veneers are a more conservative approach to changing the shape and size of teeth. This is because the restorations made for your teeth will only cover the fronts of teeth. Dental crowns require more coverage, but they are able to protect teeth that are damaged and in poor health, which makes them effective at addressing oral health problems that affect your appearance.

Wear And Tear, Damage, And Naturally Occurring Issues Can Affect Tooth Shape

Problems with the shape and size of your teeth can hurt your confidence in the way you look when you smile. Some patients grow concerned about their appearance because of worsening enamel wear and tear or physical damage, while others have teeth that stand out for being naturally misshapen or the wrong size. During an evaluation, we can see how these problems might affect your oral health or dental function. After this review, we can recommend veneers or crowns for you, and help you show off a better smile!

Restoring Teeth With Custom Dental Crowns

Dental crowns completely cover teeth above their gum line. The coverage can ensure that you have better bite support, and that you have protection for teeth that are affected by dental decay or an injury. In order to make a crown that looks right and stays safe and secure on your tooth, an impression of it will be taken. With that impression, a custom restoration can be designed to provide lasting coverage while restoring your tooth's appearance.

Using Porcelain Veneers To Change Your Appearance

Porcelain veneers are capable of changing a person's smile by restoring teeth that are chipped or cracked, misshapen, or even issues with discolored teeth. These restorations are slim enough to only require minimal changes to your tooth structure, making this a more conservative treatment option than you might expect. With custom veneers in place, you can be happy to see that your smile appears brighter, more symmetrical, and generally more attractive. Because this one procedure can make several changes to the way you look, you can see all of your cosmetic concerns addressed with just one procedure!

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Improving Your Smile!

At Creekside Family Dentistry, patients who are concerned about the condition of their teeth can find that veneers and crowns are able to address their concerns and give them renewed confidence in their appearance. To find out more about our practice, and the different cosmetic and restorative services we provide, call our Columbia, TN dentist's office at 931.388.3384!

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