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How To Stop Getting Surprise Cavities

Why do we call them surprise cavities, you wonder? Well, when you’re not taking excellent care of your smile, you aren’t shocked when you come in to our Columbia, TN team and we inform you that you need a filling, etc. However, when you are taking what you think is excellent care of your grin, finding out that you are developing tooth decay can be quite frustrating and disappointing and it is definitely a shock! So, what’s going on and how can you avoid these very unwelcome surprises? We can help.

Look For Holes In Your Daily Care

The first problem you may be having when it comes to ending up with surprise cavities: You are practicing preventive dental care. However, you’re not doing a good enough job. It is nothing to feel bad about! However, it is definitely something you are going to want to fix if you really want to keep tooth decay from forming again. Here are some things you should compile into a checklist and then think through to determine whether you need to make any improvements with day-to-day hygiene:

  1. You should brush in the morning

  2. You should brush in the evening

  3. You should floss once a day, either in the morning or evening along with your brushing (before or after is fine)

  4. You cannot skip a single session of brushing or flossing, you cannot rush, and you must be thorough or you’re going to leave behind plaque that becomes tartar that leads to tooth decay (and more)!

Check Your Calendar

Now, take a look at your calendar. Ask yourself if you have been keeping up with your dental checkups and cleanings. It is very possible that the primary cause of your unexpected tooth decay is not something you are doing at home but something you’re not following through on: Professional dental care with our team! Of course, dental hygiene is extremely important. However, it doesn’t stand alone. Supporting your efforts and maintaining a truly clean smile free of disease requires care from us, too, so get back on track with visits!

Review The Finer Details

We ask you to consider a few finer details in regard to your daily life and your dental hygiene, as these can also contribute to tooth decay:

  1. Make sure you’re using the recommended hygiene products we suggest, such as fluoridated toothpaste, soft-bristle brushes, and more

  2. Be sure to limit your sugar intake and to remember to rinse with water throughout the day after you eat

  3. Remember: Brushing sessions must last two minutes

Prevent Decay With Thorough Prevention

Remember that avoiding tooth decay is all about stopping problems before they start by practicing complete preventive dental care. If you aren’t certain that you’re getting all of the details right, come in! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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