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How Hydration Influences Your Oral Health

It can be hard to miss how actions like brushing and flossing impact your oral health. These behaviors are deeply tied to the health of your teeth. However, they are not the only ways you influence the condition of your teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing, and

keeping up with regular dental appointments, there are smaller ways to affect how likely you are to experience dental issues like tooth decay. It is more generally connected to your general health, but staying hydrated also benefits your oral health. Keeping up with your water consumption allows you to protect yourself against dry mouth. The loss of saliva can really impede your ability to keep your teeth healthy. Drinking water as a substitute for flavored drinks also cuts down on how much sugar you are exposed to, which means you are less likely to need restorative dental work.

Other Causes Of Dry Mouth

Hydration is not the only factor when it comes to dry mouth. Some people experience it as a side effect of taking certain medications. If you feel this is why you are dealing with this condition, disclose this with your dentist. You can also dehydrate yourself by drinking too much alcohol.

When Your Cavity Risk Goes Up, Dental Visits Become Especially Important

Semiannual dental visits are important for patients, even if their teeth are in great condition. They are especially important when you are more vulnerable to problems like tooth decay. Your dentist can identify small cavities; without that oversight, you may not realize you have active decay until it affects the tooth’s pulp, and becomes painful. This scenario would require an advanced treatment.

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