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Healthy Snack Ideas That Are Smile-Healthy And Delicious

Do you ever worry about how much sugar your kids are consuming in between meals? What about yourself? If you’re relying on pre-packed crackers or chips to serve as after-school snacks, much less candy bars and cookies, you could be putting your smile at risk fo cavities and other dental problems. Fortunately, there are lots of healthy and fun alternatives you could be snacking on, ones that will help to

Make Those Fruits and Veggies Fun

You might think that your kids would turn their noses up about eating fresh vegetables or fruits as a snack, particularly if they are used to having sugary and overtly salty snacks. However, with a bit of creativity you can help make healthy snacks like these appetizing.

For instance, why not:

  1. Try mixing fresh sliced veggies with a protein packed dipping sauce. Not only does this make it a more filling and nutritious snack, but it can also add flavor. Try pairing peanut butter with celery sticks, or a yogurt-based ranch dip with carrot sticks and cauliflower florets. You could even pair hummus with most any veggies, like bell pepper slices and celery.

  2. Fruit is another great choice, because it can help to satisfy a sweet tooth without actually being high in sugar. Plus, it contains a lot of smile-healthy water. Apple slices or clementines are both easily portable, and filled with vitamins. You could also make a fruit dish fun, by making fruit kabobs, for instance. Pair it with a yogurt sauce or peanut butter for extra flavor and protein!

Avoid Starchy, Sugary Foods That Can Create Cavities

While overtly sweet foods can potentially cause acidic erosion, and eventually cavities, they are not the only potentially damaging foods to eat. That’s because simple starches, like chips and crackers, also break down quickly allowing bacteria to feed. This is why it’s best to avoid too many simple starches and sugar, when picking snacks or planning meals, in order to protect the teeth from acidic erosion.

Want to Protect Your Smile?

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