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Halloween: Let’s Talk About Preventing Problems!

Nobody wants to worry on Halloween! After all, you’re already a little jumpy as it is, since you know that ghosts, goblins, spiders, and other creepy things just might be hiding around every corner! You also know there’s quite a lot of candy and other delicious treats to be had, so there’s quite a lot going on. What you don’t want to do? Feel preoccupied because you’re not sure what you should be doing (or shouldn’t be doing) as it applies to making sure you don’t accidentally harm your smile health! Fantastic news: Our Columbia, TN team can help you out with quick recommendations that you can immediately consider, put into place, and all while clearing the way for a very enjoyable celebration!

You Really Don’t Want To Break Any Teeth!

One of the last things on your list of things you’d like to do this Halloween? Breaking your teeth, of course. While you might not really see the potential here, we do! Remember, when you’re out there in the world, wearing a very funny mask, a serious mask, or simply trying to maneuver through a neighborhood in the dark, as you try to watch your steps, accidentally tripping and falling becomes so much easier to do. Use a flashlight! Carry a glow stick. Be careful. Take your mask off when you can, so you can enjoy your full spectrum of vision! It’s a good idea for your smile health.

You Probably Feel Worried About Sugar And Cavities

If you want the candy no matter what, then remember:

  1. Rinse with water as you’re eating it or right after

  2. Wait about 30 minutes after eating your sugar and then rinsing with water, then brush

You Want To Consider Common Kiddo Culprits

Your kids look adorable and they’re ready to brave the spookiness of the evening, as they approach the front doorways of homes where they ask for candy! What should you be considering before they begin their trek? Even though you will likely be accompanying them, here are some things to consider, so everyone comes home with their smile health exactly as you left it:

  1. Make sure no part of your child’s costume is dragging on the ground or getting under foot

  2. Make sure kiddos have flashlights, too

  3. Help kids up steps and remind them to hold on to a buddy’s hand or onto available railings

  4. Enforce the “walk don’t run” policy!

Consider Our Dental Care Halloween Suggestions

Want to enjoy your Halloween without accidentally damaging your smile? This is an easy feat to accomplish with our help! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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